“Do I have bad posture?”

Do I have bad posture? Warwick & Kenilworth osteopath advice

The first thing an osteopath usually does after taking a health history from a patient, is look at them standing. At this point, patients often stand there stiffly. Sometimes this is due to pain or self-consciousness, but often I think it is because they feel they must have ‘good posture’ because I am an osteopath. In fact, I am often asked, “Do I have bad posture?” Continue reading

Practical Tips for New Parents to Prevent Back and Joint Pain

Tips to prevent neck and back pain from Warwick Osteopath, Emma Lipson

So many of my osteopathy patients come to see me for back and joint pain that started or flared up after they had babies. There are lots of reasons for this including: more bending and lifting, less time to exercise and lack of restorative sleep. Becoming a new parent introduces huge changes not only to your lifestyle and the way you view the world, but also how you function physically. Continue reading

6 Ways to Prevent Neck or Back Pain and Improve Your Desk Posture

Shoulder pain neck pain & back pain Warwick

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I will begin….
On average, UK adults spend more than 7 hours a day sitting. For many of us, the majority of this time is at a desk. Not only is this detrimental  to your general health*,  but long periods of sitting with poor desk posture, are a common cause of back, neck and shoulder pain. These tips will give you your best chance of staying pain-free.

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