Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

No. As a primary healthcare practitioner, an osteopath is clinically trained to professionally assess and diagnose patients, without need for a GP referral.

Can I claim on my health insurance?

We are registered with the majority of private health insurers. Please contact us to find out if your treatment can be covered by your insurance.

What should I expect at my first appointment?

We will discuss your symptoms and health history, then assess your posture and movement. We may also do other tests such as reflexes or taking blood pressure.  All of this will help us formulate a diagnosis and develop the best personal treatment plan for you.

In order to accurately assess subtleties of movement and posture, you may be asked to dress down to your underwear if you are comfortable to do so. Some patients prefer to bring a pair of shorts and a sports bra to wear during examination and treatment.

If, following examination we decide you need further tests such as an X-ray or an MRI, we would refer you on to your GP.

After examination, we explain our findings to you, discuss a treatment plan and continue with appropriate osteopathic treatment.

How often should I come for treatment?

We generally suggest weekly treatments, but will advise if you would benefit from coming more or less frequently. We can give you a better indication of the number and frequency of sessions needed, after your full examination at the first appointment.

The majority of people benefit from between 1 and 3 sessions, whereas others may need more. Longer-standing issues often require more treatments.

How do I cancel my appointment?

If you are unable to make your appointment, please call 01926 419967, email or use the contact form at least 24 hours beforehand, so we can give your appointment to someone else. If you do not notify us, you may be charged the full fee.

Do you offer evening and weekend appointments?

We offer evening appointments, and limited weekend slots. Please check our online booking facility or call for availability. Please note that these slots tend to be very popular, so often get booked up in advance.

What is your policy on confidentiality and data protection?

As health practitioners, osteopaths take data protection and confidentiality issues very seriously. Our Privacy Notice outlines what personal information we collect about you, how we collect it and how it is then used and stored.

Any more questions?

If we haven’t answered your question, please get in touch.