How To Optimise Your Mattress & Pillows To Prevent Neck & Back Pain

Mattress & pillows to prevent shoulder, neck pain and back pain

People often come to see me for back pain or neck pain pain caused by ‘sleeping a bit funny’ or sleeping on a different mattress.  Others with pre-existing problems feel they can’t get comfortable in bed, or their pain is worse on waking in the morning. If this is you, or if you are generally prone to to episodes of neck, shoulder or back pain, it may be worth re-evaluating your sleep set-up. Continue reading

“Do I have bad posture?”

Do I have bad posture? Warwick & Kenilworth osteopath advice

The first thing an osteopath usually does after taking a health history from a patient, is look at them standing. At this point, patients often stand there stiffly. Sometimes this is due to pain or self-consciousness, but often I think it is because they feel they must have ‘good posture’ because I am an osteopath. In fact, I am often asked, “Do I have bad posture?” Continue reading