Covid 19: What to expect

Covid-19 Coronavirus Covid-19 Infection control certificate

We are pleased to announce that we will be reopening the clinic on Monday 29th June 2020 following a period of closure due to Covid-19. We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we can confidently provide people with safe and high quality osteopathic treatment, whilst mitigating the risks of Coronavirus.

Things will be a bit different

Feel Better Osteopathy Coronavirus Covid-19Like every organisation, we have had to adapt to continue to safely provide a much needed service. The most obvious change you will notice is me! I will be sporting PPE (personal protective equipment), consisting of a face-mask, apron and gloves. Patients will also be asked to bring their own mask.

Although this may all feel a bit daunting to begin with, we need to remember that we are still the same friendly faces underneath. Face masks are necessary for the time being to mitigate the risk of Coronavirus transmission to ourselves and others.

Below are the main changes we are making to ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible. They are all in line with best practice guidelines from Public Health England, The General Osteopathic Council and Institute of Osteopathy.

  • April 2021 update: I have had both Covid vaccinations and will be testing weekly for Covid-19.
  • Patients will be screened before every appointment for Coronavirus symptoms and potential exposure.
  • I will be self-monitoring for symptoms.
  • I will be wearing recommended PPE: face mask, single use apron and gloves. Patients will also be required to wear a face mask during the session.
  • Patients will be required to sanitise their hands on arrival and I will be washing my hands regularly.
  • We will be spacing appointments to allow time to clean all surfaces that may be touched, to ventilate the room and to avoid patients meeting in the common areas.
  • All payments will be contactless and hand sanitiser will be freely available.
  • If you are in a high risk group or live with someone who is, we will discuss with you individually whether osteopathy is appropriate at this time.


When we re-open it will be at a much reduced capacity. This is because of additional time taken for pre-screening, cleaning and extra time between appointments to avoid cross-contamination. Please be patient if you have to wait for an appointment or if we can’t offer the time slots you would like. We will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible.

Please book either via email or call 07479 284597 as our online booking is temporarily unavailable. Again we ask for your patience if response times are a little longer than usual.

Fee Increase

The fact that we will be operating at a reduced capacity along with inflated PPE prices will have a huge impact on us as a small business. We hope you understand therefore why we will be increasing the follow-up appointment fee to £50 to cover a proportion of these costs. We do try to keep our prices reasonable, and our last price rise was 18 months ago.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about the steps I am taking to keep you safe or to make an appointment.