Recommended Osteopath for Pelvic Girdle Pain

Osteopathy for Pelvic Girdle Pain - Pelvic Partnership

Emma Lipson has successfully helped many women suffering from pelvic girdle pain (PGP) during pregnancy and beyond. In recognition of her expertise in this area, she has recently been added to the Pelvic Partnership’s Recommended Practitioner directory. The Pelvic Partnership is a charity dedicated to providing support and information about Pelvic Girdle Pain. They provide masses of useful information including practical tips, advice during labour and effective treatment for PGP, which includes osteopathy!

PGP can affect women at any time during their pregnancy or post-birth. It occurs when there is restriction or hypermobility in one or more of the pelvic joints (sacroiliac joints at the back and pubic symphisis at the front). Women with PGP can experience pain in one or more pelvic joints, when walking, bending, climbing or turning over in bed. It can therefore have a huge impact, both physically and mentally on every day life.

Osteopathy is effective in releasing pelvic restrictions and balancing movement through the lower back and pelvic joints. Muscles which have become tight and painful can then be gently released enabling you to get on with day to day activities much more comfortably.

If you are suffering from PGP, and would like more information about how osteopathy can help, please get in touch.

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