Help Contribute to a National Osteopathy Research Project

Take part in an osteopathy research project

I have just signed up to an exciting new national osteopathy research project to find out more about how patients respond to osteopathic treatment. The project is being run by the National Council for Osteopathic Research who will analyse anonymised questionnaire data from osteopathy patients throughout the UK. Findings will be shared throughout the profession to help improve osteopathic treatment.

In coming months I will be asking my patients if they would like to volunteer to take part in the project. This will involve completing 3 short online questionnaires about their experiences of osteopathic treatment. Of course, this is a voluntary research project and there is absolutely no obligation to take part.ncor

Find out more about the research project here.



4 thoughts on “Help Contribute to a National Osteopathy Research Project

  1. Will you be asking all your patients and what do you think is the best way to tell them about this?

    • Hi Alan, I will be asking new patients and existing patients who come in for a new course of treatment. I will briefly explain the project, pass on an information sheet, then they can make the choice whether or not to participate via an online app. The research is being overseen by National Council for Osteopathic Research so I am following their protocol. I am interested in your interest and if you have any thoughts on the process or project in general?

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